Our world needs love
to become a better place
Brightview Education Co.ltd.
Business philosophy——


Starting with love
to helping others

Education as core value
Human eyes are the angle from which a person sees the world. Education is the only way to change one’s life. This is the core method of helping others in Brightview Education co.ltd. We care, encourage and support all our employees, members and consumers starting from the perspective of education, laying out the core value of love.
Profits sharing and create a win-win situation
We commit to a win-win cooperation model, sharing profits with those who actually participate in effort, so that everyone has the opportunity to change lives as long as they work hard and will be more capable to help others.
Innovative services and nurturing professionals
We bring forth new and innovative ideas to our services by integrating people in different career fields to create more value, and cultivate more leaders from different fields.
Creativity and teamwork
We create new platform to stimulate more marketable, creative, and valuable ideas, so that we can create more profit margins and career patterns for the team. We promote the formation of the team, cultivate leaders with various expertise, fulfill the value of relationship between people, and the dream of every partner in the team.
Happy family and love transmission
A happy family is the foundation of a solid career. We create careers for all partners in order to let everyone have a happy family, finding love and satisfaction. We expand internationally and serve Chinese people globally as our main purpose.
From ‘Use’ to ‘Share’ to ‘Manage’
Essence of demand
Legacy, encouragement and education
Spiritual trust and mutual help between people
Brightview Education is one of the members of the upstream R&D (raw materials and functional products) 30 years’ company from Taiwan.

Established in year 2018, Brightview Education Co. Ltd. has become representative of Taiwanese companies that have entered China, Malaysia and Taiwan, providing preventive functional products services and education.

In line with KJ&B Group strategy, online services, education and products in corporation with membership system are provided, and we are actively developing into a global brand enterprise in preventive healthcare field, serving Chinese people globally as our main purpose.
All employees in Brightview Education co.ltd. uphold the concept of "starting with love to helping others”. Since established, Brightview Education co.ltd. has been honored by CSR chinese (Corporate Social Responsibility), winning the prize of ‘2019 Chinese public welfare ethics corporate brand’ in 2019 World Chinese Charity Festival. This honorable prize is recognized by Malaysia, Thailand, the United States, Mainland China, and Taiwan and was awarded by the Vice President of the Republic of China.

In the same year, Brightview Education co.ltd. was awarded as ‘the glory of Taiwan’ Global Brand Enterprise, that was actively interviewed by Taiwan's well-known TV station “CTI Television TV Station Made in Taiwan” program.

Brightview Education co.ltd. has a complete upstream functional product raw materials and R&D support, providing members and consumers with a variety of high-CP, high-quality, and functional foods. At the same time, Brightview Education co.ltd. has established an original "full-match feedback system" and "Brightview Education Business School", so that strategic partners and members can safely and steadily operate in “preventive healthcare medicine field” and work together to create a win-win goal.
    • Established KJ&B Group, Brightview Education Co.Ltd. Taiwan Headquarters

      Launched "Pilipala Probiotics +136 Plant Enzymes”
    • Established “LINE official 1-to-1 Online Nutritionist, Physician Consultation Platform" instant service
    • Launched "XIANXIAN metabolism pills”
    • Launched "GULIGULI hyaluronic acid and UC-II”
    • Taiwan's well-known TV station “CTI Television TV Station Made in Taiwan" interviewing Taiwan's outstanding brand enterprises
    • Established KJ&B Group, KJ&B Biotechnology Sdn.Bhd. Malaysia Headquarters
    • Honored with ‘2019 Chinese public welfare ethics corporate brand’ in 2019 World Chinese Charity Festival, as permanent honored member
    • Startup preventive medicine-immune cells
Global Locations
Brightview Education Co.ltd.
A healthcare brand implementing online education with instant services.
Established an online "1-to-1 instant health consultation free services platform", with the core concept of "love transmission", and won the prize of ‘2019 Chinese public welfare ethics corporate brand’ in 2019 World Chinese Charity Festival. A Taiwan multinational brand in preventive healthcare medicine, operating globally.
A brand established to serve Malaysia region and Southeast Asia, providing excellent functional foods Made in Taiwan, a complete education system, and also a full-match feedback system, in order to promote new medical concepts of preventive healthcare medicine and bring in excellent medical professions from Taiwan.
Pilipala probiotics and enzymes


XIANXIAN Anti-glycosylation